Ostrich Eggshells Broken Pieces (Fragments)

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We take great pride in presenting these one-of-a-kind natural treasures to our valued customers. Our 500-gram (1 pound) bags are filled with the most exquisite and carefully selected fragments of ostrich eggshells.

Each piece carries the untamed charm and elegance of the African savannah, where the ostriches roam freely. These eggshells, which have been sustainably sourced, are handpicked and thoroughly inspected to ensure their authentic beauty and uniqueness.

Though broken, these eggshell pieces possess a captivating history, having once safeguarded precious life within. Now, they serve as a testament to the circle of life and nature's enduring artistry.

Perfect for various creative projects, crafting, and decoration, our broken ostrich eggshell pieces add a touch of exotic wonder to any setting. From artistic ventures to educational displays, their distinct textures and patterns ignite curiosity and spark conversations.

  • 500-gram (1 pound)

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Ostrich Eggshells Broken Pieces (Fragments) - Ostrich Africa
Ostrich Eggshells Broken Pieces (Fragments) - Ostrich Africa