Cancellations and Returns

Kindly Note: We offer no refunds on International Orders.

Cancellations reserves the right to apply cancellation fees to any order which is cancelled or partly cancelled by you.

When you submit and place your order, which includes the relevant payment and delivery details, we in turn may accept your order whereupon a contract is created. At that time we incur substantial administration and/or warehouse costs to process your order.

The appropriate cancellation fees we may apply are as follows:

a). If your "standard item(s)" order has been received and scheduled for fulfillment and is in the warehouse and you then cancel the order or part of the order, a 20% cancellation fee of the entire order - minimum R100.00 - excluding shipping charges, will apply to cover the admin fees, credit card processing fees on the sale and the refund, the change in production schedule, the reversal of inventory as well as possibly restocking natural or dyed items.

b). If your "standard item(s)" order has been received and is within the administration department awaiting verification and/or a reply and/or a response from you of any kind, and you then cancel the order or part of the order, or if you fail to provide any necessary verification or information requested to confirm the order, a 10% cancellation fee of the entire order - minimum R100.00 - excluding shipping charges will apply.

c). If you order any special item(s) including custom dyed or 2 tone and 3 tone feathers or boas, Burlesque fans, ostrich fans, leather products or any item(s) special ordered and you subsequently cancel the order within 24 hours, a 10% cancellation fee will apply - after 24 hours we will charge a 50% cancellation fee, excluding shipping and handling, as the order is already in our warehouse being processed.

If your "standard item(s)" order has been received and we are unable to fulfill the order and/or are out of stock and/or we are unable to obtain your merchandise in a timely manner, then NO cancellation fee will apply and we will issue a full refund including any shipping and handling charges.


Errors and omissions excepted

Errors and omissions excepted.



If you wish to return your order or part of your order, please notify the office by email, telephone or fax within 10 days of the delivery date of the merchandise. If you request a return after 10 days of delivery is not obliged to accept any return. If your order was international, you may not have the proper permits to export feathers/animal products back to South Africa for return and the products might not get through customs and back to us. Sending product back to us internationally is at your own risk and will only be credited if received.

At such time that we receive your request to return any merchandise within 10 days of delivery, will issue a return merchandise authorization number - RMA number.

No returns accepted or acknowledged without a RMA issued by the office. If you return any item without a RMA we will apply a restocking fee of at least 50%.

There is no restocking fee for any item which is natural and less than a quantity of 10.

There is a minimum restocking fee of 25% on all or any dyed items accepted for return by, with a minimum charge of R100.00. Some items are not available for return such as ostrich products. For larger quantity orders over 10 items, we will apply a restocking fee of 30%, if over 25 items we will apply a restocking fee of 50% and if over 100 items we will apply a restocking fee of at least 60%. This is due to the labor involved in hand selecting, dyeing, and steaming your products. All fans and ostrich boas are custom made and assembled. We put considerable time in making them and will only accept a return if you did not get what you ordered, as described on our website. Defective feathers purchased as "defective" are not returnable. There are no returns on any items sold as-is, items that are defective, or any item that is specially ordered or custom made, custom dyed feathers or boas, sale or batch surplus or clearance items, ostrich or marabou fans, or leather products.

At our sole discretion we may accept an order for return and we will apply a restocking fee, especially on dyed items, even if they are not custom dyed. - refer to Returns for full details.

If you requested same-day or express processing and then return the merchandise, we will not refund any of these charges if the order was processed within the scheduled processing times.

If you requested fast or express shipping and the courier fails to deliver within the scheduled service time, we will refund the shipping cost as soon as we have received notification from the courier that they failed in their service guarantee.

If you order merchandise and delivery cannot take place for any reason and the merchandise is returned, we will apply a restocking fee for such non-delivered merchandise of at least 50%. We will not refund any shipping charges associated with the returned order for non-delivery. If you wish to have the merchandise re-shipped you must notify us within 10 business days and you agree to pay the entire shipping costs again. This may include the return shipping to us for the return of your parcel.


Disputes and Problems

All and any disputes or problems of any kind are to be initially directed to our office by telephone, fax, email of postal mail.

Please allow 7 days business for our investigation and reply. Please email us for any problems with your order and let's sort it out.

If we fail to respond within a timely manner or if you are unsatisfied with our response, you may at your discretion take the dispute to a third party such as your credit card company, the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce or even an attorney.

If you choose to take the dispute or problem directly to a third party such as a credit card company, the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce or even an attorney without firstly bringing the dispute to our attention, then we reserve the absolute right, and you give us the absolute authority, to make additional administration charge to your credit card for any and all additional charges we may incur as a result of your actions.

If in doubt, contact us first and give us a chance to sort it out.